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Awesome iOS emoji sticker packs to use in your conversations. They'll start one for sure!

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Gnocchi Animated Emoji

A full plate of pasta animations for any occasion and conversation! As Federico Fellini said: "Life is a combination of magic and pasta."

It Bags

Say it in style, say it with bags! Fashion up your text messages with witty sayings from the most iconic handbags of all times.

Heart Animals

Adorable heart-shaped animals, made with love. Heart faces, heart wings, heart everything. Heart noses, heart hair, hearts everywhere <3

Insect Insight (Animated)

Gain insights into the lives of insects: See them preen themselves, squirm, wiggle, walk and crawl, share funny bug sayings stickers with your friends, and send out realistic animations to budding entomologists.

Lipstick Kiss

Send sweet kisses and notes right through iMessage and FaceTime. xoxo

Makeup Addict

Instantly get your beauty fix with bright makeup addict quotes and gorgeous cosmetics swatches.

Dogs in Art

Beautiful and smart dog emoji stickers! Over 140 dogs from famous paintings and artists, combining cuteness with culture.

Cats in Art

Beautiful and smart cat emoji stickers! Over 160 cats from famous paintings and artists, combining cuteness with culture.

Retro 60s/70s Shapes

Give your messages and images a groovy feel with sticker shapes inspired by vintage wallpaper designs from the '60s and '70s! Mix, match and have fun creating your own funky retro looks.

Retro 80s Shapes

Color your messages and images with pop art shapes from the '80s! Mix, match and have fun creating your own Memphis-inspired designs.

Kawaii Ice Cream Animals

If you like cute food, you'll love these pretty ice cream animals stickers with sweet faces, tasty flavors and yummy toppings!

Kawaii Animal Sounds

Adorable animal stickers to teach small kids the sounds that animals make while learning to read too.

Quotes from Survivor

Congratulations, you have found the Survivor quotes sticker pack! It's the most comprehensive collection of catchphrases from the TV show — things Jeff Probst says every season. Wow!

Animal Crossing Emoji

So many cute and expressive Animal Crossing faces to share! The sticker pack includes every special character from the Animal Crossing main series and spin-off games.

ACNH Flowers

Decorate your messages with beautiful flowers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons! All flower breeds and colors/hybrids from the game are included in the sticker pack.

ACNH Quotes

Top quotes from Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Common enough to send to anyone yet recognizable by fans of the game in a heartbeat!

Love Quotes

Easily create beautiful messages showing how much you care with Love Quotes stickers! A total of 40 heart-shaped sticky notes with timeless love declarations, bright colors and unique typefaces.

Work Inspirational Quotes

Best inspirational quotes to send to your friends and colleagues. Short and motivational, they are relevant at work as well as in everyday life.

Poker Chips

Full set of standard US/Las Vegas poker chips stickers with a grunge flair. Comes with a bonus of 8 dealer's buttons. Feel free to overbet ;)

Poker Terms

Ace poker terms turned into stickers for lots of playful and action-packed chats — a collection of 101 idioms at the tips of your fingers.

Saying & Quotes

Quicksmart reply with a sticker! Never run out of answers in your discussions with these convenient English proverbs, sayings and quotes.

Proverbes & Expressions

Impress your friends with French proverbs and expressions. CEFR B2–C2 French level.

P'tits Mots

Learn bits of French slang with random little words and phrases from France.

This is Not Consent

Sexual consent is simple. We should all be clear on what constitutes rape and hopefully these stickers can help spread consent culture.

Christian Quotes & Blessings

Send Christian quotes and blessings right through iMessage and FaceTime — 80 sayings and a bonus of 8 illustrations on watercolor backgrounds.


Prières Chrétiennes

French Christian prayers — God, Love, Bible and Faith (Dieu, Amour, Bible et Foi).

Gnocchi Emoji

A full plate of irresistible pasta emoji for any occasion and conversation! As Federico Fellini said: "Life is a combination of magic and pasta."

Cute Cats Emoji

Send cute cats emoji stickers from woodblock prints by Japanese master Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797–1861) — he was a great cat lover, and it was said that his studio was full of them.


Infectiously fun virus emoji stickers. Start spreading them now!

Lose Yourself

55 illustrated lyric snippets from Eminem's iconic "Lose Yourself" song.